Why Hire A Traveling Tutor?

With the transformation of our current lifestyles – more people working from home, taking sabbaticals, and traveling – many people have found that, though they have the freedom to go when and where they want, their children don’t. Students are hassled about too much time away from school, despite the diverse learning opportunities travel creates. Some parents find that, regardless of how much extra time their children put into education, the schools aren’t putting in the same amount of effort.

Employing a private tutor means that, not only are studies uninterrupted, but children get the very best out of their trips, with a deeper understanding of the geography, history, and culture of the places they visit. Children develop responsible travel habits and fundamental skills for living in the wider world.

Having attended and worked at top-notch institutions, the tutor understands how to prepare students to be successful, while keeping in mind the development of the whole child. Under this tutelage, students get academics and life experience – in a situation that is convenient for the students and their families.

Moving Between Family Homes

Some clients have second or third homes in other states or countries, and they are delighted that a private traveling tutor enables the family to visit them more often. Families and children can benefit from the whole travel experience. Parents no longer have to feel chained by the school calendar. With these services, children can leave school to take extended trips, while youngsters who travel frequently for a sport or hobby are now able to pursue their dreams without sacrificing academics.

Continuity with School
Tutors and students are often in regular contact with the child’s school, and formal classroom study still accompanies activity-based learning. A travel tutor can devise a program of study ahead of the trip that combines curricula and materials from school with additional opportunities that new countries and activities present.

Athletic/Academic Aspirations
A tutor can help young athletes pursue their dreams and passions without sacrificing academic development. In fact, having a personal tutor can augment one’s academic experience through personalization and incorporating additional opportunities in new cities, countries, and activities.

Athletes and others who miss school to pursue their dreams sometimes look to distance learning as an option, but most find it works better in theory than in practice. There is no substitute for having a teacher present.

Summer Instruction

For students who want to get a leg up on next year, pursue a specific passion, or get remedial help for whatever reason. Summer instruction is a great option for students committed to improving academically, but don’t want to attend a formal summer school. A tutor allows the student and family to choose where they will spend the summer months, while simultaneously receiving academic instruction on either a full- or part-time basis.

Why Home-schooling is Good for Students
While some children may feel anxious about homeschooling if they are used to a school-based education, many quickly feel the benefits of home instruction:

  • Freedom to learn and express themselves in a supportive environment
  • Flexibility around leisure activities or other commitments, such as sports, acting, or training
  • More time to spend with friends and family and doing the things they enjoy
  • Educational trips and the chance to learn about the world
  • One-on-one attention. In class, a student may receive 1/20th of a teacher’s attention in regular class. In a homeschooling situation, a student has 100% of the tutor’s focus, energy, and effort

Why a Full-time Home Tutor is Good For Parents

  • Increased control over your child’s learning environment and what they’re being taught
  • See the progress your child is making with frequent feedback from the tutor
  • Freedom to travel without disrupting school
  • Tutoring multiple children at home can be cheaper than boarding school
  • Tutors arrange extra-curricular activities and outings to support your child’s education
  • Overall convenience